Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal is a highly effective form of hair removal, but IPL-only hair removal is not always safe or effective for those with darker skin tones or light hair colors.

By combining IPL technology with radio frequency (RF) technology, the mē smooth IPL+RF hair removal device can gently and effectively remove hair on individuals of all skin tones and hair colors, including dark skin (a 5 or a 6 on the Fitzpatrick skin type scale) and light hair colors (blonde, dark blonde, and red).

How Does IPL+RF Hair Removal Work?

The mē smooth’s uses a combination of IPL and RF energy to target and remove unwanted hair. The IPL energy pulse detects and targets melanin inside hair follicles and pre-heats them as users glide the device across the desired area. Radio frequency energy (RF) is employed simultaneously to detect the pre-heated follicle and hit it with heat again, disabling it so that the hair cannot grow back. This “color blind” heat-seeking RF energy pulse enhances the device’s effectiveness and allows for safe usage on all skin tones. (By contrast, IPL-only devices are general restricted to use on skin types 1-4).

The IPL-RF one-two punch is the mē’s secret to smooth skin. Here’s how to remove hair using revolutionary IPL+RF hair removal technology that works:

  1. Prepare for treatment by removing the surface hair in the area you want to treat. If you have dark hair, shave the area. If you have fair hair, wax or epilate the area right before treatment.
  2. Turn the device on and select your energy level. Start on low and increase as you feel comfortable. (Remember: a higher setting will result in greater efficacy.)
  3. Press the “elos” button on the applicator, and place it gently on the area you desire to treat and glide it slowly across the area without stopping in one place. Be careful not to go over the same area for at least 10 seconds.
  4. Follow the recommended treatment times for different areas of the body (for instance, three minutes per arm and 10 minutes per full leg).
  5. Once you’ve covered the entire desired area, turn the device off and put it away.
  6. Treat each desired area once a week for 7 weeks to achieve permanent  results.

Why mē smooth IPL+RF Hair Removal is the Most Effective At-Home Hair Removal System

The mē smooth is the most universally effective at-home hair removal product available:

  1. -FDA cleared to be safe and effective for all skin tones – the first and only product of its kind.It’s effective for the widest range of hair colors including blond, dark blond and red.
  2. -It is clinically proven to be safe and effective for the face and body.
  3. -Treatments are fast – you can treat arms, legs, and underarms and bikini areas in just minutes.
  4. -It’s pain-free.
  5. -It provides proven results – an average of 46% hair reduction after just 2 treatments.
  6. -It’s cost-effective – while in-office hair removal treatments can cost thousands of dollars, the mē smooth device is a single, small one-time cost.

mē  smooth’s IPL+RF hair removal technology is unmatched, and makes hair removal in the comfort of your own home possible for people of all skin tones.

To learn more about revolutionary long-lasting hair removal, read more about our mē smooth hair removal device and refill cartridges. Try it once, and you’ll never wonder ‘Does IPL+RF hair removal work?’ again.