Shaving, waxing and tweezing can be painful and time consuming. Over a lifetime, these methods can also end up becoming very expensive.  Women who shave every day can spend up to $7,000 on shaving products in their lifetime, women who regularly wax can spend up to 2-3 times as much.

Those who are tired of the time-consuming, expensive, and often painful task of removing unwanted hair often turn to either laser or IPL hair removal as more permanent solutions. Over the long-term, both methods can be more affordable and less time-intensive than shaving or waxing, but aren’t suitable for all skin tones. Only the combined Elos IPL+RF hair removal technology pioneered by elōs has been clinically proven to be effective for users of every skin tone and type.

What is IPL+RF Hair Removal?

IPL or “intense pulsed light” uses light pulses to target, warm and disable hair follicles under the skin. RF or “radio frequency” technology warms up deep tissues without affecting the surface of the skin. The IPL+RF hair removal process makes use of the most effective characteristics of both  these technologies. Hair follicles are heated up with IPL; simultaneously, they are treated with RF energy that specifically targets the warmed follicles. Traditional IPL hair removal technology isn’t safe for those with darker skin tones, and RF is no more effective. But when the two are used at the same time as part of the elōs system in the mē smooth, they work together to create a highly effective hair removal technology for all skin tones and the widest range of hair colors.

Considering IPL+RF vs Laser Hair Removal

Many consider laser treatments when seeking a permanent hair removal solution, without realizing that laser hair removal can be dangerous or ineffective for certain skin tones and hair colors. Whether using an at-home laser hair removal tool or choosing in-office laser hair removal at an expert salon, there are certain considerations to be aware of:

  1. Laser hair removal is only suitable for people with light to medium skin tones; dark skin tones risk burning, blistering, or discoloration.
  2. Laser hair removal is only designed to work on light brown to black body hair; those with red, blonde and light brown hair colors will not see results.
  3. In-office hair removal for multiple areas can cost well over $12,000 for multiple areas.
  4. Whether at home or in-office, laser hair removal can be painful. (Many describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin.)

By contrast, the IPL+RF hair removal is an effective method of lasting hair removal that addresses the limitations of traditional hair removal technologies.

  1. IPL+RF hair removal is clinically proven safe and effective for all skin tones.
  2. IPL+RF hair removal can remove the widest range of hair colors.
  3. This elos technology is used once a week and can deliver up to 94% hair reduction results in only 7 weeks.
  4. Professionally used elos technology is now available to safely and effectively treat unwanted hair at home.
  5. IPL+RF hair removal devices are an affordable way to treat all-over body hair with a single product – elōs technology is clinically proven for use on the face (women’s cheekline and below).
  6. IPL+RF technology is a painless way to remove unwanted hair for good. Users experience only a gentle warming sensation, with no nicks, cuts, stinging, or snapping.

A Better Hair Removal Choice

The mē smooth is the first and only product of its kind to offer highly effective elōs IPL+RF technology in an at-home hair removal device.

To learn more about the power of the mē smooth’s IPL+RF technology and its results for all skin tones, visit our Resource Center. You can also shop our line of mē smooth products to experience a smoother you.