We live in an age where many of our concerns can be managed from the palm of one hand. And now, a compact device for use at home exists for people who are looking to achieve long lasting hair removal for fair hair. But unlike many other handheld devices, this hair removal system is easy to use and easy to understand. It’s called the mē smooth, and it’s time that the two of you were introduced.

The mē smooth forFair Hair

Clinical trials have confirmed that the mē smooth is a safe and effective form of hair removal for fair haired-individuals. After using the mē smooth for 7 weeks, trial participants experienced hair reduction rates as high as 94%, and no adverse side effects were observed among users with fair hair. The reason behind these great results for those with fair or blonde hair is the mē smooth’s groundbreaking application of elōs technology.

Understanding elōs IPL+RF Technology

Powered by elōs , the mē smooth is the only device in its class that can safely and effectively remove fair hair. Before elōs technology, there wasn’t a effective form of hair removal available for people with fair hair. Pre-existing hair removal technologies halted hair growth by targeting and heating the melanin in hair follicles. But fair hair follicles don’t contain enough melanin for hair removal to be safe and successful solely by using this method.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency technology (RF) are two separate energies that have been used in applications such as hair removal  for a while. Our “electro-optical synergy,” or elōs technology, brings professional technology in an at home solution to remove hair

The synergy of IPL and RF energies used together means that hair follicles get a double dose of hair removal energy. Because both of these methods are put to use simultaneously during the hair removal process, the overall energy level required by the mē smooth is low enough to work safely for those with fair hair.

 Long Lasting Hair Removal for Fair Hair

The following hair removal process will get you on the road toward trading in your fair hair for silky smooth skin. Although you may quickly notice hair reduction, it’s important to stick with the treatments in order to achieve long-term results.

In order to obtain the longest lasting and most successful results, we recommend that fair-haired individuals begin the hair removal process by first epilating or waxing the area you wish to treat. If you are an individual with fair hair, it’s important that you complete this step as it significantly increases the effectiveness of the mē smooth hair removal treatments. For fair hair convenience, the mē smooth is available with an optional epilating accessory (for body areas only) allowing individuals to both epilate and treat skin with at the same time.

How Does the Epilation Process Work for Fair Hair Removal?

  1. If you have the epilator accessory, attach it to the mē smooth
  2. Power up the device and select an energy level.; it is recommended that you start out on the lowest power setting
  3. Continuously move the device over the area that you wish to remove hair from
  4. Continue for 2 to 10 minutes depending on the time span recommended for the specific area

It’s as simple as that; keep up the good work and prepare to say “Farewell ,” to your fair hair in unwanted places.

To learn more about lasting hair removal for fair hair, read about our mē smooth hair removal device, epilator accessory and cartridges. Try the mē smooth worry-free with our 60-day money back guarantee.