Up until now, the advances of at-home hair removal technology have failed to deliver on lasting hair removal for dark skin. Although some devices have been approved for light and medium skin tones, those with darker skin have not had access to a safe and effective form of at-home hair removal. Until now.

FDA-Cleared At-Home Hair Removal for Dark Skin: A New Reality

The mē smooth improves on preexisting hair removal methods in order to create the first at-home hair removal device that is clinically proven to be effective for all skin tones. Prior to the development of the mē smooth, intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser devices were available, but they could only safely provide hair removal for those with pale to moderately brown or olive skin.

This elōs (electro-optical synergy) technology found in the mē smooth device is safe for usage on dark skin because it brings together IPL and RF energies. . Using IPL and RF technology in tandem limits the intensity level of IPL while supplementing it with RF energy so that there is no diminished effectiveness without compromising safety, offering a solution  for every other skin tone.

How elōs Works on Dark Skin

With the mē smooth, lasting hair removal for dark skin is simple. After just a bit of prep, the elōs system goes to work and can deliver smooth skin and gentle hair removal results in as little as 7 weeks. Here’s how the process works:

  1. In order to increase effectiveness, users should shave the area where they wish to remove hair.
  2. The mē smooth then uses a intense pulsed light to gently warm the melanin found in hair follicles.
  3. Gentle radio frequency electrical pulses are attracted to the warmed up follicles and disable hair growth without affecting the melanin in surrounding skin.
  4. Users of all skin tones feel only gentle warmth as they move the mē smooth device over their skin.
  5. Hair removal sessions vary in duration depending on the specific area of the body that is being treated, but may be as little as 3 minutes.

To learn more about the groundbreaking solution to lasting hair removal for dark skin, read more about our mē smooth hair removal device and refill cartridges. Try it once with our 60-day guarantee, and you’ll be convinced that safe and effective hair removal for dark skin is a reality at last!