elōs, or “electro-optical synergy” is a combination of electricity (Radio Frequency or ‘RF’) and optical (Intense Pulsed Light or ‘IPL’) energy. This patented technology combines these two energy types to make hair removal gentler, safer and easier to use. Here’s how:

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL RF hair removal technology is the result of a technological progression that began with the introduction of laser hair removal products. Traditional IPL hair removal technology was built as a response to the limitations of laser hair removal, and the latest combination with RF technology has helped to further improve the efficacy, safety and universality of the treatments.

Traditional IPL hair removal technology uses pulses of intense light energy to detect melanin inside hair follicles and target them with heat, disabling the hair follicle and inhibiting re-growth. When combined with “color-blind” RF electrical pulses, a lower level of IPL energy is needed, making it safe for use on all skin tones while enhancing overall effectiveness on the widest range of hair colors.

What Makes IPL Better with the Addition of RF?

IPL hair removal technology is often used as an alternative to laser hair removal, but has the same limitations of treated lighter skin tones and darker hair colors.  Similarly, IPL pulses carry the same risks as Laser hair removal and can be damaging or cause discomfort to the skin. As a standalone hair removal technology, RF would be ineffective as it is “color blind” and would heat the dermis without selectivity. But together, the two technologies work in concert to produce highly effective hair removal results safe for users of all skin tones.

The benefits of combined IPL RF hair removal technology include:

Trustworthy results. elōs technology’s combination of IPL and RF energy make hair removal both effective and safe – FDA cleared; clinically proven.

-Quick results. Results are fast and lasting – get smooth skin in as little as 7 weeks.

-Universally effective results. It is safe for use on all skin tones and the widest range of hair colors.

-Pain-free results. elōs’ combined IPL RF hair removal technology is pain-free (users experience a gentle warming sensation).

-Widely applicable results. elōs is also clinically proven to be safe and effective for sensitive face and body areas.

To see firsthand how effective elōs hair removal technology can be, shop our line of mē smooth hair removal products. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all products.