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3/31/2018 to 12/31/2020
help for hard to treat areas

The precision adaptor accessory has been designed for targeted, precise application of elōs energy in small areas such as your face
or bikini area. If you have tattoos, large moles, or dark spots, the precision adaptor accessory is a helpful tool so you can treat around that area, and still get the efficacy of targeted elōs treatment.

how to attach the mē precision adaptor accessory
step 1

Make sure that the mē device is turned off and the cable is unplugged from the electrical wall outlet.

step 2

Remove the accessory protective cap from the applicator by gently pulling it off. The accessory cap is located on the opposite side of the elōs cartridge.

step 3

Gently slide the precision adaptor onto the applicator until you feel it “click” into place.

how to use the mē precision adaptor accessory
step 4

Press the power button and turn on your mē device. Press the elōs activation button on the applicator to turn it on. Gently position the applicator on the area you want to treat. Then press the elōs activation button to emit a single pulse.

step 5

Reposition the applicator on the next area to be treated and press the elōs activation button again to emit another pulse. After the pulse is emitted the activation button will blink until the system is ready to emit the next single pulse. Repeat these previous steps until you have covered the entire facial area. Wait at least 10 seconds before you treat over the same spot.