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3/31/2018 to 12/31/2020

getting started with the mē smooth hair removal system

before first use

For important information about safety and how to use the
mē smooth hair removal system read the full user guide.


for your quick reference

For a brief overview on how to use the mē smooth hair removal
system view the quick reference guide.


frequently asked questions

Read through our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) for further product information. Learn more

product disposal information

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Disposal information for e-waste depends on the city you are in, as all regulations are local. To learn about recycling or disposal programs in your area search “E-waste recycling or disposal” online.You can also contact your city directly or look into your local electronics store policy. For more information, please contact our Customer Service


In the event that the mē smooth hair removal system fails to perform as intended, the following chart will help to solve potential challenges with the device and its set up.

IndicatorWhat does it mean?How to react
No lights are on Power cable is not connected Connect power cable.
All elōs energy setting buttons are blinking (High – Medium – Low) No elōs energy level was selected Select an elōs level.
elōs activation button on the applicator is blinking elōs energy level was selected but elōs activation button was not pressed yet Press the activation button. The applicator fan will start blowing indicating that the elōs cartridge is active.
Error light is on Need to reset the system

Reset the system by turning it off and on again.

If problem persists, disconnect power cord and wait until all lights are off (several seconds). Then reconnect the power cord and turn on system.

If error light is still on, try moving to a cooler area with a room temperature of less than 30ºC/ 86ºF and restart the system.

No flashes are coming out of the applicator

1. Silver RF contact bars not in contact with the skin in treatment area

2. elōs activation button was not pressed

3. elōs energy level was not selected

In order for the system to flash pulses, make sure that the following 3 conditions are met: elōs level is selected, elōs activation button is pressed, silver RF contact bars are in contact with skin.
Accessory activation button on base is flashing Accessory slot is empty Insert protective cap or attach desired accessory.
All elōs indicators for the percentage of pulses remaining are blinking (100% - 50% - Empty) elōs cartridge slot is empty Insert elōs cartridge or the protective cap.
"Empty" indicator is blinking 5% left on the elōs cartridge Order a new cartridge if you plan to continue treatments.
"Empty" indicator is constantly on No more pulses remaining in elōs cartridge Insert a new elōs cartridge.