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3/31/2018 to 12/31/2020
limitless treatments

The mē smooth hair removal system allows you to treat as many areas as you want by simply replacing elōs cartridges as needed. Elōs cartridges contain 6,000 pulses, which is approximately 90 minutes of treatment time. You can complete the full 7 week treatment protocol on both your legs with a full cartridge! You can also share mē! Friends and family members can purchase their own elōs cartridge for use on the same device.

how to replace the elōs cartridge
step 1

Make sure that the mē system is turned off and the cable is unplugged from the electrical wall outlet.

step 2

Remove the used cartridge from the applicator by holding the
cartridge’s sides and gently pulling it out.

step 3

Slide the new cartridge gently onto the applicator until you feel it “click” into place.

step 4

Place the applicator in the cradle of the base unit before turning on the mē system.

step 5

Turn on the mē system. A new cartridge will show 100% on the control panel.